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I want to invest the minimum EVs on speed for my Garchomp so that I can put more into HP. But I don't want it being outsped by key Pokemon either, so what should be the minimum speed EVs it requires?

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What do you mean?
Okay what does a adamant garchomp with 252ev in speed out speed?

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A normal Garchomp should have atleast 240 EVs in speed.

Why you ask? So that it always outspeed Mega Charizard variants (before Dragon Dance).

With 240 EVs, it's base speed hits 330 at level 100, while Charizard hits 328 with max speed.

But, if both Pokemon are level 50, 244 EVs should be used instead, as then it hits 168 Speed and MegaZard gets outsped by 1 speed point (167 at max).

EDIT: This was with Jolly Nature. Adamant Garchomp fails to outspeed many Pokemon altogether, including all base 100 speed.

Hope I helped!

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Terrakion is also a problem, but Charizarsd is way more common. Thats why I mentioned it. Also Terrakions are usually scarfed, so Garchomp.cannot outspeed them unless scarfed as well.
So i should go with jolly garchomp instead of a adamant?
Yeah, it's the best nature Garchomp can go for.