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Which evs should I have my garchomp have


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If you have the "fight with power" battale style, I would train his Attack and Speed to make him super strong because you probably would not use his other stats. If you like Balanced pokemon, I would train his defense and Special defense. I would pick, personally, Attack and Speed because That is what I did with my Garchomp and he was one of the best guys on my platinum team!

thank you my battle style is hit hard hit first hit fast and don't get hit so i don't commonly train defences becuase if you hit hard enough they will die before they have a chance to hit you
Same Here, Bro! I figure if you only have defense and no attack, Their attack will overpower your defense long before your HORRIBLE attack could even hurt them!
@Swampert: not if you use some stat-changing moves like double team, or status moves like Toxic or Curse. The damage from Toxic increases every turn so it won't take long before they're down!

Personally when I EV train I save a few points for Defense (and HP) just so I can withstand a hit or two.
i like hp to i just like attack and special attack and of course like my username suggests speed