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To start out, I'm just beginning to enter into the competitive aspect of Pokemon, strictly in-game, though, and not Pokemon Online--for now.

I know Garchomp is now considered "Uber" according to Smogon, but I'd like to start BP farming in the Battle Subway. So, after the time-consuming Ditto collecting, I now have about one and a half boxes of Gible: those cute, little dragon Pokemon I can't stand to look at anymore, after 10 hours of breeding for select IVs.

I've narrowed down my choices between two Jolly Gible, their stats at level 50 (no EVs):
Gible 1- 133/90/54/40/59/66
Gible 2- 133/90/65/49/64/57

Both have 30-31 IVs in HP and Atk, with Gible 1 having 30-31 in Spe, and Gible 2 having 30-31 in Def and SDef.

I want higher Spe, but wouldn't mind high S/Def.

Which should I choose, or should I endure a little bit more breeding?

I think that Speed is better for Garchomp

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No.1 because a fast gible with considerable attack is the key to winning and as said above one ice punch or ice beam would faint you no matter what your gibles def or sp.def is .

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Speed FTW

even with high def/sp.def you will die from an ice punch or ice beam anyway.

so IMO speed is better

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I choose gible 1. thats better 4 me