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I'm playing through Platinum again and I'm planning on catching a Gible. What stat/stats should I EV train him in?


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You should EV train your Gible in Attack or Special Attack depending on what kind of moveset you're using (I'd recommend a Physical set, so Attack EV's would be best), and the remaining EV's can go into Speed if you want to outspeed things, or HP if you want your Gible to take lots of hits. If you'd like a moveset too, just ask and I'll edit this answer with one. :)

-Dragon Claw
-Swords Dance
-Crunch/Brick Break/Rock Slide/Aerial Ace

Dragon Claw is your dragon-type STAB, and Earthquake/Dig is your Ground STAB. Dig is an option if you can't get the TM for Earthquake. Swords Dance is to set up and become even more powerful, and the last slot is a coverage move of your choice. Rock Slide or Brick Break would be the best for covering Ice types....I don't know why you'd stay in on an Ice type, though.

And for your item...I haven't played Platinum before, so I don't know how hard any of them are to obtain in-game, so I'll just list a few that should be useable. Kings Rock, Draco/Earth Plate, Expert Belt, Shell Bell, or Scope Lens.
Hope I helped!

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I'd very much like a moveset, and maybe item aswell. Thanks! (A physical Moveset)
There you go, I edited the answer. ^-^
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I would ev train it in ATK and SPD simply because it has the ability to outspeed a lot of Pokemon due to its high base speed, it has a high attack base as it is and has physical moves like earthquake that works well with it and if you decide to transfer it to ORAS or XY, when it mega evolves it gets the sand force ability powering up its ground type moves by 30% on top of STAB in a sandstorm. Its a decent party Pokemon for dragon/ground typing

Lol mega chomp with speed inv is kinda garbage
How is it? It still has a 92 base speed stat..
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In platinum? Raw attack and speed work best, friend. There were tanky options, but quad weakness to ice really became the deadliest thing to look out for.

So yeah. Dragon claw, earthquake, brick break and some fourth move, maybe crunch.