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How do I EV train my Pokemon. Can they be at lvl 100 and still be EV train? What EVs should I use for my Pokemon. Plus what moves should I get. Right now I have-
Zoroark- hasty
Dark pulse
Night slash

What should I replace cut for?

Salamence-moxie- bold

Lucario-inner focus- careful
Aura sphere
Extreme speed
Dark pulse
Dragon pulse

Starmie-natural cure- naive
Ice beam

Elektross-levitate- quiet
Thunder wave

Gengar-levitate- modest
Shadow ball
Dream eater


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Well, first off, if you want team help, you have to go to the Rate My Team section of PokemonDB (found here).

As for help with EV training...

Effort Values, or EVs for short, allow you to further build upon your Pokemon's base stats. They are extremely important in the world of competitive Pokemon battling, as the more EVs you invest in a stat, the higher that Pokemon's stats will be. To really understand EVs, you have to know more about how a Pokemon's stats are calculated.

> The following two formulas determine your Pokemon's stats (round down after every parenthesis):

> HP = ((2 BaseHP + IV + (EV / 4)) Level / 100 + Level + 10)
> Stat = (((2 BaseStat + IV + (EV / 4)) Level / 100 + 5) * Nature)

If you don't like numbers, this basically means that at level 100, a stat will usually increase by one for every 4 EVs in that certain stat. A Pokemon can have 510 EVs total (2 of those being completely useless) and 255 in each stat (3 of those being completely useless [later removed in gen-6 games]).

For a Pokemon to gain EVs, you have to EV train. Here's a simple run through of the steps:
1.) Equip the power item for the stat you want to increase (list below)

  • Power Weight = HP stat
  • Power Bracer = Attack stat
  • Power Belt = Defense stat
  • Power Lens = Special Attack stat
  • Power Band = Special Defense stat
  • Power Anklet = Speed stat

2.) (Optional) If you have access to pokerus, infect the Pokemon you want to EV train with it, if it has not already been infected.
3.) Fight Pokemon that are easy to defeat and give the EV yield you want. Some hot spots for specific stats include:

  • HP = Grimer - Castelia City Sewers
  • Attack = Patrat - Route 19
  • Defense = Sandshrew and Yamask - Relic Castle
  • Special Attack = Litwick - Celestial Tower (1F)
  • Special Defense = Frillish - Route 4/Virbank City/Virbank Complex
  • Speed = Basculin - Route 19

Good luck!

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