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These are my pokemon in platinum and I wanted to have a dragon type pokemon:
Bronzong lvl. 42
Infernape lvl 43
Golduck lvl. 42

Can anyone tell me where to get a Gible?

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What version?
probly platium
The person asking the question said pokemon platinum... -.-
Anyways, you can find Gible at Wayward Cave, but there are two different parts of it you can access. They don't lead into each other anywhere, but the entrance where Gible appears requires the HM Strength. Gible evolves into Gabite at level 24, which then evolves into Garchomp at level 48. Good choice for choosing a Garchomp for your team! ^-^ Hope I helped ^-^

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OK you know the cycle path conecting eterna city and oreburgh city, to get a gible use cut on the trees to go under the cycle path. Then go all the way to the end until you see a cave - but don't go in the cave, go down a bit to the tree then go right so your under the cycle path.

Then go up and there is a secret cave entrance under the cycle path. Then go down the stairs and keep running round until you get a wild Gible also you will find lots of stuff, including the TM Earthqauke.

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r u sure? i thought that in both of them r gibles in Pt
Im sure it not in the first cave
The first cave has no gibles but has cave pokemon (zubat, geodude & maby more but I haven't played in shinno for ages XD).
What is the highest level gible that could be found in that cave?
like lv. 18
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Go to route under Cycling Road, there are two caves. One enter is that you can see, second UNDER Cycling Road (you can´t see it). In think that in both of them are Gibles in Pt.

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if it is black 2 you get it after beating the black tower and go to alders house in flocassy town

Well, the person asking the question said the game was Platinum... -.-