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Competitive use btw.
Offensively bulky, offense or stalling?
If it helps the rest of my team is:
Charizard (Mega-Y)
Which one?

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I want to argue for Trevenant.

Here are some details about your team:

  • All your Pokemon are meant for offense, and has less stalling capability.
  • Way too many physical attackers, unless Toxicroak is in fact special.
  • If you're Charizard is Mega Y, Trevenant benefits from the sun due to it's Harvest ability, which in the sun ensures that you will recover a consumed berry.
  • Overall your team does not enjoy hazards, which unfortunately is not dealt with by any of your choices.
  • Gogoat's role for immediate power is already taken by Charizard and/or Dragonite
  • Breloom's role as a fast sweeper is also taken by Weavile.

All in all, if you ask me, none of the pokes you said should occupy the last slot, but it should rather be a spinner. Half your team is weak to rocks, and Zoroark's identity is easily revealed by how much damage it would recieve.

But as per your given choices, Trevenant seems to fit best.

Hope I helped!

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You are arguing well for trevenant
I am ripped apart no more! :D