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Both have their uses but I feel Gourgeist is more bulky with that Defense and Will-O-Wisp to back it up.
Super Size (I'm using the event one) has a nice 75 Sp.Def but Charizard takes out all threats.
So here's my current team;
Charizard (Mega-Y)
Any changes to make to the following Pokemon at the top are welcome!
Remember that I'm to lazy to get one with Frisk.

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K, I'm telling you again lol
A rapid spinner is better than both
in showdown yes
ingame no
Who uses all that heavy gear ingame o.O?

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ok fine i'll answer


Harvest and frisk can be powerful ability's
Harvest works well with Charizard-Y because of drought
Ingrain, Leech seed plus whatever berry bonus you choose is a good stall strategy
W-o-W is a move that can and will cripple powerful enemy's
Confuse ray (no explanation needed)

Taunt will destroy him
Substitute will destroy him
Watch out for houndoom

Gourgeist (Super size)

Good Defense which your team needs
W-o-W to cripple opponents
Trick or treat to gain an offensive bonus
Leech Seed
Destiny Bond and Explosion
Scary face to deal with it's low speed

Bad special defense
Terrible Speed

Overall choose trevenaut he's better at stalling which your team needs and 2 dark types? maybe add a normal type

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Trevenant is better in my opinion.

Here are the causes:

  • It benefits more from the sun than Gourgeist.
  • While Gourgeist is bulkier, it has no means of recovery other than Pain Split. Trevenant's recovery through Rest and Sitrus makes it more effective, and even better with Drought.
  • Event Gourgeist has a fairly useless Insomnia ability. The best sleep inducing moves, like Spore and Sleep Powder, do not affect it anyways, and Dark Void is not a popular option.

So if you want to run a Gourgeist, don't run the event one; rather go for one with Frisk.

Hope I helped!