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Goats can't produce milk. Why?

Who told you that goats can't produce milk?
Goats can't produce milk? Is this a joke?
Not only can goats produce milk (like literally every mammal...  that's why only mammals have mammory glands...) but goats milk has even been chosen as the best way to produce usable quantities of spider silk.  Scientists have genetically modified small groups of goats, whose milk can then be processed in the lab to produce spider silk.

So really, Skiddo/Gogoat should have Sticky Web as an egg move...

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Now there is a bit of apparent logic behind Gogoat as a species getting Milk Drink: goat milk has been widely used since the dawn of mankind and is still used alongside cow milk. The question is: why wouldn't you make the species an all-female one once again, rather than giving Milk Drink to males?

In their article Structural and Ultrastructural Study of GH, PRL and SMT Cells in Male Goat by Immunocytochemical Methods, Vásquez et al. found out that male goats sometimes release hormones that alter cell differentiation in their fetal state, thus leading to goats with a perfectly normal male karyotype, yet with udders and the ability to lactate. Assuming Game Freak was aware of this fact, they probably jumped on the occasion to create a mixed species producing milk. Biology really is the science of wonders!


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Actually, goats can produce milk.
Any mammal can, as a matter of fact.

Wikipedia page for goat milk

Wikipedia page for milk in general

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1 more thing, even male humans and mammals can produce milk through a genetic difference


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