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Suicune is fast asleep.
Suicune used Sleep Talk!
Suicune used Scald!
The opposing Dekubaba (Trevenant) avoided the attack!

Scald has 100% accuracy and I thought that 100% accuracy moves cannot miss... also my Suicune didn't have an accuracy drop and Trevenant didn't have an evasion boost.

Am I missing something or can 100% accuracy moves miss? Or was it a glitch?
You can see the battle here and it happens at Turn 33, I'm BauzuKa (my brother's account).

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He used Phantom Force

>Turn 32
The opposing Suicune used Rest!
The opposing Suicune fell asleep!
The opposing Suicune slept and became healthy!
Dekubaba used Phantom Force!
Dekubaba vanished instantly!

The opposing Suicune's health is sapped by Leech Seed!
Dekubaba was hurt by its burn!
Turn 33
The opposing Suicune is fast asleep.
The opposing Suicune used Sleep Talk!
The opposing Suicune used Scald!
Dekubaba avoided the attack!

Copy pasted from your battle log.
Phantom Force, like a few other moves, gives a turn of semi-invulnerability. There was no glitch, there was nothing wrong - you just failed to realise that he had used Phantom Force.
Read more on that move here

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There is another way it could happen though not here .  two hold items, lax incense and bright powder lower opponents accuracy by ten percent , any move that doesn't avoid accuracy moderators can miss