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In Pokemon Y version, I bred a female Roserade with a male Exeggutor and the Exeggutor knew both Extrasensory and Leaf Storm.. When the egg hatched, the Roselia only knew Leaf Storm. Both Leaf Storm and Extrasensory are egg moves that Roserade can learn, yet it only learned one.
What's the deal?

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Another possibility is that the parents knew more than 4 egg moves compatible with Roselia, so Extrasensory got booted out of Roselia's moveset.

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If the Roserade already has more than 3 egg moves, there's a chance that Extrasensory will not be passed down.

Or atleast either of the two moves Exeggutor has. Say if your Roserade has Spikes, Sleep Powder and Giga Drain, and Exeggutor's move list has Extrasensory first, then Extrasensory will not be passed down.

The offspring should have the moves Leaf Storm, Spikes, Sleep Powder and Giga Drain.

This is because the male's.moves are first taken into consideration, and later the females.

The solution would be deleting one of the egg moves Roserade has.

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The actual answer to the question is that only Budew can learn Extrasensory as and Egg Move. It is impossible to breed a Roselia with Extrasensory.

That means you have 3 choices:
1 - Rose Incense + Everstone and hope for correct-ish IVs
2 - Rose Incense + Destiny Knot and hope for correct nature and correct IVs
3 - Dex Nav + Extrasensory + 3 Random IVs + Synchronize Nature