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I am doing a run of Pokemon Y using only my Delphox. However, I need an HM slave or Slaves for the game.

Any suggestions?

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>Gogoat is a great slave, it can learn Cut, Surf and Strength
A decent flyer is Swanna, if you have it or Fletchling
>Hope I helped

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K I wait and See
Swanna > Fletchling because of Waterfall - again this only applies if you have Swanna
I'm Gonna wait to see...if there is no other answer you get BA
I'm gonna use Gogoat
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Cut, rock smash, fly, strenght

And lapras for waterfall, surf, strenght and rock smash

I used the move research and these are the Pokemon that can learn the 4 more important hm you need to complete the game.

Hope I helped! :D

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