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I mean in competitive. After all the time I spent looking crazy and turning everywhere, I want to know if it was worth the effort. (I'm not referring to the Poké Radar, but the DREAM Radar)

The Therian forms I guess…?

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Yea there are:

Riolu (Prankster)
Igglytuff (Friend Guard, turns into Frisk for Wigglytuff)
Shuckle (Contrary Shell Smash)
Porygon (Analytic)
Ralts (debatable, but Telepathy has its uses in doubles)
Spiritomb (Infiltrator; good in Gen VI)
Slowpoke (Regenerator)
Smoochum (Hydration, turns into Dry Skin for Jynx)

The Therian-form Kami trio are available too, but their abilities are generally sub-par to their normal ones.
Tornadus (Defiant; Prankster & Regenerator are better)
Thundurus (Defiant; Prankster & Volt Absorb are better)
Landorus is the only one really worth using, with Sheer Force, though Defiant has its merits in Gen VI with Defog (but really only for Tornadus).

You can also get Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Ho-Oh & Lugia if you have a Gen IV card inserted (after catching Landorus)

Dream Radar