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Now, I just wanted to know because I'm at a quandary. I haven't been able to find a price for it anywhere, but reasonably I'd think it's around 7 dollars. Sheer Force Landorus, Defiant Thundurus and Tornadus, and Regenerator Ho-Oh (I have HG) sound pretty good. But I've also heard you can't soft reset for a good nature on them. Can anyone confirm or deny this, and help me make a decision? Thanks!


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In my opinion, not anymore.

I bought Pokémon Dream Radar when I bought White 2, and it was almost worth the money. I had access to four Pokémon I really wanted: HA Slowbro, HA Swablu, HA Riolu, and Landorus-T. I spent a long time on that, catching more Cloud Nine Swablu than I can care to count, and then I saw Tornadus-T. Naturally, I got really excited. I caught him second try, and when I transferred him to my game I saw his nature. Rash. Rash. It dawned on me that there was no soft-resetting, and I gave up.

Tragic backstory aside, Dream Radar was worth getting in the BW/BW2 era. After that, though, it just becomes outdated. The process of putting in enough time to catch all three Therians (Landorus is rediculous) is outweighed by how (relatively) easy it is to obtain them in Gen VI. If you can manage to nab one from the GTS, just keep trading it for another identical Pokémon (e.g. Thundurus for Thundurus). That's how I got both of my Timid Latios and Latias.

In short, Pokémon Dream Radar was worth it when it came out, but in my opinion – and others, I'm sure – it is not worth the time and effort reqired, as obtaining the Dream Radar HA Pokémon is much easier now in XY/ORAS than it was in BW/BW2.

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Alright, I'll look around on Showdown or try the GTS like you stated. Or, if I'm REALLY desperate, I can buy a Powersaves.
I suggest bribing people with Shinies. It's amazing, the stuff you can get for a worthless Shiny Bidoof XD
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In my opinion, YES!
Traders on GTS can be REALLY greedy with Pokemon like Tornadus, Landorus, and Thundurus so I find it best to get them yourself. I bought Pokemon Dream Radar soon after I got my copy of Pokemon Y. At a small fee of what $2.00? You can bank many HA Pokemon such as Riolu and Swablu and the 3 legends.... Tornadus, Landorus, and Thundurus in B/W 2. Probably one of the MOST BROKEN Poke-Utilities ever with a to soft reset (Once done catching the 3 legends delete the game and re-install it for FREE!) If you pair that with the miniscule price of FIVE DOLLARS A YEAR!!! for Pokebank it pretty much means infinite legends in B/W 2, Pokemon Y, or OR and AS. However... if you don't have at LEAST Pokemon X or Y sorry to say..... It's useless. --- PikaPi 3.14

Erm, it takes an insane amount of time to catch the three Therians. Tornadus is 400 Dream Orbs, which is easy, but then Thundurus is 1500 and Landorus is 3000. That's hardly "infinite legendaries".
Yeah but it technically is.
On paper, yes, but practically, no.
Well also "on paper" it's infinite Hoho, Lugia. If you have HG/SS
Alright, I'm gonna drop the issue. All I'm saying is that while it is infinite Legendaries, very close to nobody actually has enough time to waste in order to get said infinite Legendaries. This is my final word on the matter.
kk *I win*