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So I'm breeding a 5IV Mienfoo with a 6IV Ditto and I even got a shiny but not 6IVs :/
Is there any chance for 6 IV offspring? Also, Ditto isholding Destiny Knot and Mienfoo is holding an Everstone.

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>Breeding parents 31/31/31/31/31/31 and 31/31/31/x/31/31
will produce a 31/31/31/31/31/31 Pokemon 1.8229% of the time or 1 out of every 54.8571 eggs!

So you will get a 6 IV offspring after hatching approximately 55 eggs. This is assuming that you have one 6 IV parent and one 5 IV parent, with one of them holding a Destiny Knot.

Here is a useful calculator for determining the chance of getting your ideal Pokémon.

However, a 6 IV Pokémon is not necessary to attempt to get unless you plan on running a mixed attacker, which is unreasonable for Mienshao.

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A Destiny Knot passes down 5 IVs from either parent, so with your pair you have a very high chance of breeding offspring with 5 IVs. The last IV is determined randomly however, meaning you will have to get lucky.
Power Items, when given to a parent when breeding, allow one specific IV(depending on which item) to be passed down from the holder. This means you could guarantee yourself 6 IVs, by giving the correct item to Ditto to cover the IV that Mienfoo is missing, but I wouldn't recommend this because you will have to give up the Everstone. In most situations, Pokémon don't need 6 IVs though, there is usually a stat that is not needed, for example if your Mienshao is going to be a full physical set it has no need for 6 IVs in Special Attack.

I didn't know that about the power items. +1