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Thanks to this site I managed to learn a bit about breeding. I got to this point where I get a 4iv, or 5iv Buneary every time (with Jolly nature from the everstone, and Fake Out from breeding with a Meowth earlier). It's close...so close... Anyway, this is the result of tons of research and three days of trial and error.

If you aren't using special attacks, then a 5 IV Buneary with imperfect SpA is fine.
No guarantee. It's pure rng. It doesn't matter if someone comes up with the math. It's all up to chance so the best you can do is pray to rngesus

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If the imperfect stat is the same between the parents, then it’s a 1/6 chance that the imperfect stat is not passed down, and then a 1/32 chance that the stat rolls a perfect 31, resulting in a 1/192 chance.

If the parents have different imperfect stats, then it’s still a 1/192 chance, but for slightly different reasons. This time, there’s a 2/6 (1/3) chance that one of the imperfect stats is not passed down, but then the other imperfect stat needs the 1/2 chance to be inherited by the better parent. Then we once again need to hope for the 1/32 chance that the unpassend stat rolls a 31, resulting in the same 1/192 chance.

This is why most experienced players either go for 5IV Pokémon or hypertraining. It’s impossible to get rid of that 1/32 chance when breeding for a 6IV, so it’s better to bypass it altogether.

Thanks for that, so basically, just get one of your 5ivs and hypertrain it on the stat it's not perfect at until it is perfect. At least, I'm pretty sure that should work. Anyway +1