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Why is there no Landorus?

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I was playing White and traded a level 40 Thundurus for a level 40 Thundurus (What the heck, right?). I then traded over my Tornadus from Black and went to get Landorus, but it didn't work!
Help, please!

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To meet Landorus, you need both Thundurus and Tornadus.
When you bring them to the Abundant Shrine (in your party) Landorus will appear.

Reading through your steps, I have a feeling that they were not in your party, and that's why Landorus didn't appear.

Hope I helped!

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they were. afterwards, i even tried one at a time, though
You also have to walk up to the northern part of the shrine, which will cause it to float down. Could this be the problem?
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Either Thundurus or Tornadus must originate from the players game.

Landorus itself can be battled here if Tornadus and Thundurus are in the player's party and one of them is originally from the player's game. This means that either a Tornadus or Thundurus from the opposite version must be traded to the game to encounter Landorus.

So because you are playing White, Thundurus has to have been caught in your game to work, so you cannot encounter Landorus with a traded Thundurus. If you traded your Thundurus away for a Thundurus you are out of luck.


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