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Everyone knows that lowering a wild Pokemon's HP makes them easier to catch. Since Shedinja can only ever have 1 HP, it is always at full health, or has fainted.

So my question is, is Shedinja easier than other Pokemon at full HP to catch, simply because it only has 1 HP? Or is it harder to catch, because you can't lower its HP, so it is always at full health?

Yes, I know Shedinja can't be found in the wild without cheating, so the question is completely hypothetical.


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The catch rate is based off of the percentage of the hp left, so it would actually make it harder just because you cannot decrease its hp so it will always be at 100% HP.

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It has a catch rate of 45, you have a 5.9% to catch it with PokéBall at full HP. If you want something to compare with you can compare it to Unfezant which has a catch rate of 45 aswell. So Shedinja is as easy to catch as Unfezant.