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How come when they distribute the Bonus points they always give the cpus twice as many as the player it happens when I do it and when my little brother does it so why even when I win every event I get the least amount of points(One time I won all three events but I lost becuase of the bonus points)

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I'll explain how bonus points work.

Pokemon with max stars which is 5 will not get a bonus point. The less stars you have more points you are going to get. 3 stars = 2 points. Basically weaker Pokemon you use more bonus points you are going to get. 3 Magikarp = Max 57 points 3 Arceus/Dragon Pokemon = 6 points.

There are certain conditions in which you have to perform in specific ways to get bonus points from each games. 10 points for accomplishing the conditions. Hurdle Dash:No falling/colliding over hurdle Lamp Jump:No fainting Ring Drop:No fainting/falling out of ring Snow Throw:No fainting Relay Run:No faining Block Smash:No fainting Circle Push:No falling out the field Pennant Capture:No getting stolen of flag = No fainting Disc Catch:No falling out the field Goal roll:No fainting/own goal

20 points to Pokemon that succeeds in getting highest score. If there is a tie,all Pokemon with highest scores will get 20 points.

10 points to Pokemon with various activities which consist of a number of tackle,dash,failure,and jump.

Here is an explaination how all the bonus works.

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It is meant to provide more of a challenge to the player.

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