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I was trying to make a pokemon with good speed improve it's skill for Pennant Capture, but it's speed went down with my skill juice. When you blend the apricorns, which color ones corespond with what stats? I'd like to know how each one makes them increase and decrease so I can balence out some of the stats for certian events.

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Blue Apricorn - Raises SKILL - Dry - May decrease JUMP
Green Apricorn - Raises JUMP - Bitter - May decrease SPEED
Pink Apricorn - Raises SPEED - Sweet - May decrease POWER
Red Apricorn - Raises POWER - Spicy - May decrease STAMINA
Yellow Apricorn - Raises STAMINA - Sour - May decrease SKILL
Black Apricorn - No raise - No flavor - Strong to all
White Apricorn - No raise - No flavor - Weak to all

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