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I am playing around with Wonder Trade and I get a lot of lv 1 and am wondering if it's possible for those people to be sending me EV trained Pokemon as now we have ways of EV training Pokemon outside of battle.

Also, I just exchanged a lv 1 Magikarp for a Combee through wonder trade but it's orange and has a red star in summary, is it a shiny?


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In X/Y, yes (Super Training). In other games and X/Y, various items exist that give EV boosts to Pokemon by consumption (vitamins, wings, etc.)

Yes. the red star means it is shiny, and combee's shiny color is orange. Lucky you!

So how do I check if it has been EV trained?
Super training screen.
Look at the bar. Next look at the shape in the middle. Then you determine the EVs gained.