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Hi guys so I was wondering how long in levels you should take a level 1 Pokemon until it maxes out a given stat. I don't mind about the time because many people say it takes an hour or two to do it. What I want to know is do you do ev training to level 20,30 or even 50? For me I've been training up to Level 50 but I'm unsure if that's way too much. So is it closer to around level 25?

Thanks I'm sure I'm not the only one who maybe asking this question but so far I haven't found any answers to this question. I hope I made this clear enough for you, Thankyou again if you give answers guys!

Are you hoping to use the lvl1 pokemon to battle for it's EV, or have it in your party with the effects of EXP share and maybe holding an EV-enhanced item?
Hey Blaze2664 thanks for commenting!
My plan is to train the pokemon up by having it in the front of the party then switching it between a second party member. I'm currently doing this on Platnium so I wasn't using the exp share because its 4th gen. The pokemon in question however also has Pokerus and a Power Bracer on to get the extra attack Evs.

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Well, the answer in no definite answer for this since
1) Different Pokemon have different growth rates
2) Different Pokemon yield different amounts of EV's
3) Pokemon yield different amounts of experience

So, the level of the Pokemon you might end up might is too difficult to compute unless I have the exact details. However, I can tell you how many battles it might take.

For Pokemon that yield 1 Atk EV (such as Machop), it will take:
(252 Max EV)/2 from Pokerus * (1 EV + 4 from Power Bracer) = 26 battles

For Pokemon that yield 2 Atk EV (such as Heracross), it will take:
(252 Max EV)/2 from Pokerus * (2 EV + 4 from Power Bracer) = 21 battles

So, if you know the details of the Pokemon who yields such EV's you can calculate how many levels it might take. This and this link might help to determine experience gained; then just apply it to the growth rate or amount of experience needed for a Pokemon to gain a level.

Hope I helped! :)