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Scizor or Alakazam?
Current team:
Noivern (special)
Infernape (physical)
Aerodactyl (physical)
Greninja (special)
Aegislash (physical)

Bulk or pure offence?
Can anyone help me out?
Remember to give a detailed explanation along with pros and cons and do not suggest any other megas or change my team. Remember to also provide a moveset that's good for the Pokemon.
Take into consideration that I do not own Pokebank and I play X and Y.

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You have 3 physical attackers and 2 special so I suggest M-Alakazam.

M-Alakazam pros.

  • HUGE special attack

  • Godly speed

  • Wide movepool

  • Trace could copy something good.

M-Alakazam cons

  • Trace could copy a bad ability.

M-Scizor pros.

  • Can sweep unprepared teams.

  • Good bulk and attack

M-Scizor cons.

  • Walled by defensive heatran, which is common.

  • Not a massive movepool

  • Any fire type moves will kill it.

  • Has to rely on bullet punch.

TL;DR, Go for M-Alakazam as it helps.Remember you don't always need a mega.

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You have 2 special attacker and 3 physical attackers.
You don't have psychic-types and bug, however you have a Steel-type.

Mega Alakazam

Its SpA (175) and Speed (150) stats.
It includes powerful moves such as: Dazzling Gleam, Energy Ball and Focus Blast.
Trace ability can be good and bad. Depends on what ability it copies.

Trace ability can be good and bad. Depends on what ability it copies.
It doesnt have dual type, meaning it only gets STAB from 1 type.

Alakazam @ Alakazite
Trait: Trace
Nature: Modest
EVs: 252 SpA / 252 Spe / 4 SpD
Shadow Ball
Dazzling Gleam
Recover / Energy Ball

Mega Scizor

Has access to priority Bullet punch.
Can sweep teams after using swords dance a couple of times.
Great defensive typing.
Technician Ability to power up bullet punch.
Learns roost for great recovery.

It will be 2ko'ed by any good fire type move.
Slow and unable to do a no bullet punch sweep against opponents without spamming agility
can be stopped by an encore user or a steel resistor such as the fire types.

Scizor @Scizorite
Trait: Techinician
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Def / 4 HP
- Bullet Punch
- Swords Dance
- Bug Bite
- Aerial Ace / Brick Break


You should pick one that can be very usefull in your team. Attack and Special Attackers can make the difference. Also Scizor having great moveset with priority + Swords Dance, makes him a killing machine. High defenses.
Mega Alakazam with very great Speed and Special Attacker, outspeeding everything, but the ability.. yeah.

I would go for Mega Scizor!

Swords Dance + Bullet Punch + STAB + Techinician + Priority + Great Attack Stat.

Hope this helps.

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Ok. Let's wait for more answers. Yours helps though c:
Trace is NOT a useless ability.
Trace can copy Thick Fat, Protean and much more great abilities that can alter the issue of a fight with good predictions.
Dazzling Gleam Alakazam can become a temp fairy which avoids him many weaknesses when Protean is copied. This is one example, you've got so many others!
Thanks! Still don't know tho :c
I know, some maybe bad to. It's would be better M-Alakazam to have Magic Bounce? or Synch?