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Like similar moves, stats..


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1)All Eeveelution follow a stat distribution of 130-110-95-65-65-60, each one hving a different arrangement.
2)All start off knowing Helping Hand, Tackle and Tail Whip, though Eevee also knows Growl and Sylveon knows Disarming Voice.
3)All are monotypes.
4)All learn Sand-Attack at level 5, Quick Attck at level 13 and Last Resort at level 45.
5)And most obvious, Similar design.

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What is that of the ''130-110-95-65-65-60'' thing?
He means , every eeveelution has a different stat distribution each having what he said on different stats.
Yes, those numbers are the six numbers that all eeveelutions have in common with regards to their base stats (except eevee). The difference is that each eeveelution has those six numbers but arranged differently.
Their names all end with the suffix -eon. (the obvious one)
:-) Forgot about that one