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I'm playing soul silver and am wondering which eeveelution would best complement my Typhlosion.

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Here is some information:

  • Umbreon is a good Tank, with it's high defenses and etc.,etc.
  • Espeon is a good special sweeper with a SP.ATK raising nature. So get the nature where it is +Sp.Atk and -Atk if you want it's full potential. Also recommended for use after your Typlosion.
  • You probably don't want Flareon it has a pretty bad movepool, as well as being the same type as Typlosion.
  • Vaporeon has a good movepool and you'll be able to cover up Typlosion's weaknesses.
  • Leafeon has seemed to be a pretty good physical sweeper, so along with Typlosion, work hard and you could have a powerhouse!
  • Jolteon is a good special sweeper, staller, and very good speed. Use it before your Typlosion to weaken foes, cause Jolteon's an auto powerhouse.
  • Glaceon has pretty good stats with the right natures and training and is helpful for knocking out other types such as Dragon, which Typlosion might not be able to handle like ground.

Now it just depends on what you want so be a bit more specific in your question.

EDIT: I tweaked it and gave more detail

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what about glaceon?
There :)
The problem is you can't get leafeon and glaceon in pokemon HG/SS because there is no ice rock or moss rock so you're going to have to trade from Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.
So he'll get it from GTS or something, he didn't ask us to trade him one anyhow.
Make this BA.
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Sylveon wasnt even a thought back than
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To compliment Typhlosion, I would go for Leafeon. Leafeon's typing compensates for Typhlosion's weaknesses and vice versa. The pair can be a sun duo to activate Leafeon's ability and increase Typhlosion's Fire - type moves.

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i would go with umbreon if yu get the right moveset it defence and sp def woul keep it from fainting longer than most evolutions