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The Axew has Return, Assurance, Dragon Rage, and the most godliness move in PMD, Dual Chop. He also has Mold Breaker.
The Absol has Shadow Claw, Taunt, Quick Attack, and False Swipe. She has Super Luck.
Espurr has Psybeam, Fake Out, Return, and Confusion. She has Inflitrator.
Beedrill, AKA The Weedle that I couldn't name HastagBEAST evolved, has Twineedle, Return, Venoshock, and Fury Attack. The abillity is Swarm.
The Azumarill is Huge Power and has Water Gun, Bubble Beam, Return, and Bubble.

EDIT: Espurr evolved.
Meowstic has Psybeam, Fake Out, Psyshock, and Charge Beam.

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Are you asking for a different pokemon as a rest talker or one of those pokemon?
Also what tier are you playing, or is this ingame?
Probably in-game, tiers are all over the place. OU, UU, PU, even LC.
Turtwig, I want one of them as A Rest Talker. And it's In game.

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None of them.

Restalk isn't a good strategy in-game. In-game battles are more fast paced and there is rarely any stalling or strategy, as there is no need for it. Just use hyper offensive sets, reliable recovery moves are okay, they serve their purpose in-game too, but rest is too stally.
If you really want to use the strategy, then I recommend Azumarill, it is the bulkiest, and probably makes the best use of it. If you are not confined to those five, then Snorlax is probably the best Restalker.

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