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I recently got Black 2 again (lost the first copy I had) And have started it so that I can catch the legendaries in it such as the 3 kions and Kyurem. My question is if, once I capture and move all of those legendary Pokemon into X and Y, /then/ reset Black 2. Complete the story a second time And capture the same legendaries , would pokebank notice that they are from the same game? or can I catch as many of them as I please to and transfer them to X and Y.
I know this takes a heck of alot of time but eh, ill only do this twice I got the time.

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Yes, you can.

You can tranfer as many as you please, even if they are the same species and from the same game, there will be differences, such as IVs, nature and PID. It is even possible to transfer the same event Pokemon that have set traits multiple times, I have done this before.

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Thank you! Im glad i can do this, now i can probably complete the nat dex alot easier with the extra legendaries =D
No problem, and welcome to the site.