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Asia/India is not listed on the list of countries that receive a mega so that got me thinking.
What will the Mega for India be? Glalie or Steelix?
I know I live in India but what is the Mega for the US is my direct question?

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The Mega that you recieve will probably be decided on the country your console is set to.

The 3DS doesn't know in which country you live; rather it believes in what you input in your profile's country section. If I live in India and have my DS set to Australia, I will encounter Mega Glalie. Likewise if it were set to Japan, I would encounter Mega Steelix.

EDIT: So far, the Pokemon that will be encountered in USA hasn't been decided really. Only information I found so far was Mega Glalie for Australia, Europe and South Korea and Mega Steelix for Japan.

EDIT 2: USA has been confirmed to get Mega Glalie.

Hope I helped!

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Got it.
Will US even get a Mega tho?
It definitely will of course
Will US get both?
xD Obviously not