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Here are the prizes I got in the order of competition:

1st time: Glalie
3rd time: Poke Balls
5th time: Heal Balls
9th time: Heart Scales
10th time: Heart Scales (second lot)


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You have already gotten every prize from the demo and there are no more after the tenth completion, but according to serebii you shouldnt have gotten heart scales from your 9th run.

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Thanks again, so I completed it one extra time for no reason, ah well -.-
Hmm... strange, you don't know how many Heart Scales are in the set do you?
no, i tried looking around some more but couldnt find anything.  Im sorry :/
It's okay, maybe someone else can tell us. Tbh though I sort of rushed through the demo and I wasn't really reading the text, so it may be a possibility that I misinterpreted what was written.
Well I also "got" heart scales on the 9th day, though Orlando's companion didn't give them to me and it didn't appear on the rewards list. However, after the 10th day, the Heart Scales were received. I believe if you ask Orlando's companion about the rewards, specifically the heart scales, they mention 5 heart scales. (I think)