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Which move is best?

Answer separately.

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  1. Hydro Pump, Greninja can use the extra power, and Hydro Pump doesn't have too bad accuracy.

  2. Grass Knot, it lets it hit Water types such as Azumarill and Quagsire. It is also more reliable at taking out Tyranitar than Hydro Pump. U-Turn means it will have to give up a Defensive stat, and though Greninja is frail already I wouldn't recommend giving it up for U-Turn. Hidden Power Fire is only useful against Ferrothorn really, and is a weak move.

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It really depends on the context of your team and the Greninja's setup. I'll just show you an example of a setup I would use.

Greninja @ Choice Scarf/Expert Belt
Ability: Protean
EVs: 252 SAtk / 252 Spd / 4 Atk
Naive Nature
- Hydro Pump/Scald
- U-turn
- Ice Beam
- Dark Pulse

This is what I would call a scout-sweeper Greninja. You could set it up differently to be better as a scout, but this is probably how I would run it. Hydro Pump is very high-power, but it has low PP and disappointing accuracy. On the other hand, Scald has decent power, high accuracy, and poses a possible burn to the opponent, which can seriously cripple a key team member. Remember that Greninja is very frail-- if it gets hit even once, it may be seriously hurt-- so I would personally choose power over accuracy. U-turn is definitely a plausible slot on Greninja, enabling it to retreat quickly. Ice Beam is for good type coverage, while Dark Pulse is a standard slot for the dual Dark-type. For item choice, go with either a Choice Scarf to get an edge on Speed, or run an Expert Belt to maximize super-effective damage (this would pair nicely with your Protean hidden ability).

Good luck.

lol @choice scarf greninja
What's funny about choice scarf Greninja? It'll out-speed practically anything. Lots of people use it.
Greninja already has enough Speed, and Choice Scarf takes away the Ability to change between moves, and the constant coverage and type changing is its main niche.
Yea, you have a point. Although I will note that scarfed Greninjas have totally invalidated my scarfers before. I've always used an Expert Belt set, personally.