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So, I just looked at Alakazam's stats for his mega evolution and they only gave him 90 points. I thought mega evolution gives the Pokemon 100 points more. Did they do that on purpose? Or did I look at his stats wrong?

can  you explain ur question clearly?

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Actually, because of me

Nah jk. Alakazam already got an increase of Sp.def from 85-95 in Kalos so logically Alakazam only got 90 because of that +10 in sp.def.
>Educated Guess;

>It is because normal Alakazam got a +10 boost already
If you look at Alakazam in Gen 5, you'll notice his Special Defense is 85.
However in Gen 6 it is 95. Alakazam is the only Pokemon with a mega-evolution who got a boost to stats in normal form as well. This is the most plausible explanation, as with the +10 and the +90, Alakazam ends up at +100, like all other megas. Otherwise he'd be at +110.

>So basically when you said, GameFreak should have treated him like the others, in the end they did. Mega Alakazam technically gets the exact same boosts - just it gets +10 before mega-evolving.

Directly ripped from here. Thanks Sempi.

Hope I helped!
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Yes every mega evolution gets 100 more points in base stats but:
Every Mega-Evolved Pokémon except for Mega Alakazam has a base stat total 100 points higher than that of its base form. Mega Alakazam only has a base stat total 90 points higher than its total as Alakazam*.
Source Bulbapedia.

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No, you looked at it correctly, the total is 90. I just want to say before I answer this that nobody said that the 100 total increase is going to be a permanent thing, it just seems to be a trend with the total boost for Megas that Mega Alakazam breaks for whatever reason.

With that said though, there really isn't a clear reason for this, nor is there any indication that they did this on purpose (Game Freak and Nintendo are quiet on most hidden mechanics of the game like base stats). But we can still guess.

  • It's possible that they may have seen it to be overpowered if they gave it any more boosts than 90. Alakazam already had great stats, so perhaps they thought that increasing them any more than 90 would break the game. Funnily enough though, Alakazam is one of the least popular Megas in the competitive game.
  • Maybe it was just a simple mistake from the developers. This is incredibly unlikely since I'd imagine that the entire game would be reviewed many times before its release, but still it's a possibility.