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I need a Water or Fire type move, like Discharge (which is unfortunately Electric) which hurts every enemy in the room. I'm fighting Wigglytuff with a Totodile and a Torchic at level 49, and I need suggestions.

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You can always use Vaccum-Cut o3o
You make me want to play mystery dungeon again lol

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In mystery dungeon these are all the moves that hit all enemys on room:

Attack Order,Dark Void,Vacuum-Cut,Growl,Heal Block,Heat Wave,Memento,Spore,Powder Snow,Sweet Scent?Silver Wind,Discharge,Roar of Time,Earth Power,Spacial Rend,Ominous Wind,Odor Sleuth,Draco Meteor.

As you can see the only water or fire type move that hits all enemis in room is heat wave but torchic cant learn heat wave torchic can learn these moves
Lv.7 - Focus Energy
Lv.10 - Ember
Lv.16 - Peck
Lv.19 - Sand Attack
Lv.25 - Fire Spin
Lv.28 - Quick Attack
Lv.34 - Slash
Lv.37 - Mirror Move
Lv.43 - Flamethrower

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Why my friend, discharge is the electric type form of the move surf,. There is also flame plume which is fire type, and if you at fighting a wigglytuff, you whole try using a heracross using close combat!