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What did they do with all the graves? IMO it would be pretty rude to destroy a graveyard and replace it with a Radio Tower(you can't even access)


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The developers of the game felt that the whole death theme of Lavender Town was not fitting for a game designed for young kids so they replaced the graveyard with a radio tower.

According to Bulbapedia:
>In Generation II and IV, the tower was converted to the Kanto Radio Tower, with all graves being moved to either the House of Memories or underground.

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Underground?! I'm not using Dig near Lavender Town
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All of the graves shifted to the House of Memories, there are many chambers that only Mr. Fuji can access.
It is located south of the Radio Tower, where the Poké Mart used to be.

Inside the House of Memories in HG/SS:

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