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Does the weather Sandstorm still boosts Rock Types special defense?
Im pretty sure Gen V has this. What about Gen VI?

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All effects in Gen 5 are in Gen 6.

So this means all Rock-types's Special Defense is raised by 50% in Gen 6.

Here is a list of all effects of sandstorm in Gen 6:

All non-Rock, Ground or Steel type Pokémon are damaged each turn.
Rock type Pokémon's Special Defense is increased by 50%.
Solar Beam power is reduced.
Synthesis. Morning Sun & Moonlight recover 25% of user's HP.
Pokémon with the Sand Veil Ability have their evasion boosted by 20%. Outside battle in 111 & 228, if head of the party, the wild encounter rate is decreased by 50%.
Pokémon with the Sand Rush Ability have their Speed doubled.
Pokémon with the Sand Force Ability have their Ground, Steel & Rock move strength increased by one stage.
The Weather Ball attack's Power doubles and becomes Rock-type .

Hope this helps.

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Yes, it does.

Raises the Special Defense of all Rock-type Pokémon by 50% (Generation IV onwards).