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The new item balloon grants you immunity to ground type moves but for how long? does it pop after one turn or many turns? does it give you a resistance to fighting, grass, and bug? Does the length of time you are resistance correspong to the pokemons weight?


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It gives you no extra resistance, and stays active until you are hit by an attack.

It's a huge nerf to the idea, I know.

EDIT: The true importance of the balloon is to get a fast Pokemon to come in on Earthquake and get in a free shot, resulting in them using a weaker attack before they get to use Earthquake. This essentially means you get two free shots before they get to attack at full power.

Excellent for fast Pokemon who are both weak to Earthquake and/or have no priority move, such as Special Lucario, Speed Boost Blaziken, or even a frail, but quick Pokemon, like alakazam, Infernape, or Persian.

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