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I was searching for a moveset for my Venomoth and it showed that its HA is Wonder Skin and makes all non-damaging moves that are targeted at this Pokémon have the accuracy of 50%.
My question is if the opponent is holding a Wide Lens and use Spore that is 100%, it will get to 50% but would the Wide Lens get boosted? If so, it will increase 10% of the 50% or 10% of the 100%?

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Wide Lens:

Boosts the holder's accuracy by 10% of the original accuracy.

This means that it would boost the accuracy of the 100% accuracy move by 10% before being modified to 50%.

Source 1 | Source 2

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"If so, it will increase 10% of the 50% or 10% of the 100%?"

It would boost 10% of the 100%, which is negated because the accuracy of a move cannot exceed 100%.
I thought Wonder Skin HALVES the original accuracy, not changes it to 50%? Like Dark Void will have 40 accuracy?
Nope, check source 2.