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So for example, if I were to get a Japanese friend to buy "Pokémon Vegetable Snack Salad, Pokémon Sprinkles Mini-Pack, Pokémon Curry - Pork & Corn Sweet and the Pokémon Tretta Tretta Power Strength Set & Tretta Speed Strength Set" or whatever is needed for the Keldeo/Victini/Shaymin event in Japan, would I be able to redeem it on a EUR/AUS or US 3DS? Or would it happen to only work on a JPN 3DS? If neither of these, what restrictions are there?

No. I gave a Shiny Gengar code (I live in Singapore) to someone else here (in another country)
That was me and yes it works

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Codes are not country locked, I myself have got a Shiny Gengar code from someone else.

Source: I said it up there ^^
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