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I have a Jolteon and I want to teach it Hidden Power but I want it to be Ice.
Sorry wrong pokemon!

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Weavile with Hidden Power Ice,Why??
Because I want. ok? I have my reasons.
Hidden power is a special attack it is horrible on weavile and Ice it has why better STAB options such as Ice punch and Ice shard I should know I am a weavile expert
And even if it had better Sp Attack (hypothetically, as that is impossible), there would be Ice BEam.
Yeah, they are right. Hidden Power itself on Weavile is WWWEEEAAKKK!!!
Sorry I mean I want to tech hp ice to jolteon

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You can check it in the Celadon Game Corner Prize Shop. The Guy all the way to the top. And no, you can't change your Hidden Power. You will need to get another Weavile until you get the HP you want....

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