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I was thinking... of strategies to get 100 win steak in Battle Tower for my Trainer Card, and I was just thinking, that I could train an Articuno specifically fr the Battle Frontier with both Mind Reader and Sheer Cold, to sweep through every enemy that brings me trouble, but im not exactly sure what to do in terms of Natures and EVs.
Articuno will have to be fast to outsides other Pokemon in order to take the least damage to Mind Read.
While Articuno will also have to have high enough defense to resist as mix attacks as possible before Mind Reading.
Bot are troublesome factors, and I'd really appreciate some advice from you guys.

  • Keep in mind this will not be used for competitive play AT ALL, and it's only purpose is the Battle Frontier, thanks! ~
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Focus Sash and before sending it in Baton Pass Agility and Substitute to it. Please note this isn't very effective as it only gets you one kill.
I realize that, but this is for any Pokemon that acting me hardship, because I am bringing two other Pokemon. ~

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This is a great idea!! I would suggest adding Reflect seeing that a Rock Type can easily Destroy Articuno with a Rock Slide/Stone Edge. Also, if you can get this, Get a Charti Berry to reduce Rock type damage. Hope this helps.

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