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Luck Incense(item) + lv 3 Prize Money O-Power + Pay Day (move) + Happy Hour (move) + money which she gives.

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Original reward money: 16,320

16,320 x 2(Luck Incense) x 3(O-Power) x 2(Happy Hour) + 10 x = 195,840 + 10 x

  • 10 x is the user of Payday's level times 7.
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I dint get your answer
Luck Incense doubles prize money.
Level 3 O-Power triples prize money.
Happy Hour doubles prize money.
The amount of coins received by Payday depend on the user's level, so the answer is the the total plus whatever level your Pokemon is timed by 7. So for example if your the user of Payday is level 100, 100 x 7 = 700
So the answer is 195,840 + 700 = 196,500
My maths was a bit wrong at the end, instead of 7x (7 x user level) it was 10x (10 x user level).
I'm sorry, but your answer is incorrect.

You were close, though.