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If I'm gonna use this site, I'm gonna use it to check if I can get money or not.

So, you know how some old Pokemon cards are expensive/collectable? Are there any Pokemon plush-things/stuffed animals that are worth a lot?

Probably the older plushes. Especially ones that have had to be changed/recalled because of controversy (like a Jynx black-skinned plush if they ever existed I don't know). I wouldn't be able to name any but they sound cool.
And hello.

Prices can go up to $3500.
And the giant Tyranitar plush is being bid for $4050 these days.

I am officially stunned xD
Scilicet, you should post that as an answer.
Sorry, thought that someone would have answered this by now o.o

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K, so as per this source here, I'm going to list a few of the most expensive Pokemon plushies in the world! Here goes:

  • Golden Magikarp: $620
  • Red Gyarados: $783
  • Ditto-chu (ya know... when Ditto transforms to Pikachu... yeah that's a thing... also the most expensive derp face in the world): $1959
  • The Eeveelutions (all eight with christmas outfits; just a single piece can cost $400. Believe it or not, some people are willing to pay way more): $2350
  • The Dog Trio: limited edition era plush ( Shiny Raikou, Entei, Suicune; $600 per piece):
    $2700, but valued at $3000

And my personal favorite,

The giant Tyranitar plush, being auctioned at a grand $4050 dollars. This thing is like the holy grail of plushies.

Hope this is helpful :9