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I have cards. I must know.

You have TCG Codes? And I'm not sure.
the black-faced jynx was the cause for a racial-based lawsuit which technically makes it rarer.Since they cut off its production later i suppose its rarer.

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No. Both are about 40 cents or less.

Source: Experience selling Pokémon Trading Cards.

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Do you have a source for the prices?
... check my profile? I buy and sell trading cards literally all day, and have done so for 8 years. It is my profession to know card prices.
THAT MEANS YOU HAVE TCG CODES? PLEASE GIMME. and Btw please include sources.
Don't expect people to have to read your profile to believe what you're saying. Loads of answers use experience as a source.

And Kero, irl cards ≠ TCG codes XD
Ik. But I rarely get real cards and when I do the pulls suck except for when I go to pre-releases/Launch celebrations.
I highly suggest buying from a distributor. You get more packs that way at a lower price, and you can sell the cards to your friends after you make your pulls. Boxes are guaranteed to have good cards.
I have zero idea of what a TCG code is. I feel dumb.
There is a card in every pack which has a code and a QR.