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You can trade a Poliwhirl for a Jynx in Gen I (yes I am one of the rare freaks who wants a Jynx on his team), but is it possible to nickname?

(btw Jynx is awesome because it has STAB Ice Punch, a great Special stat and Psychic typing)

EDIT: I'm fully aware of not being able to nickname traded Pokémon, but I'm hoping for some bug in Gen I because the default is LOLA.

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why dont you check your self if you have one? (not being rude)
I don't have the game or Jynx yet.
I believe the only possible way you could rename the jynx is if you had the same OT, ID, and SID as the trainer it belonged to. Otherwise, there isn't another way.
then why did ask as if you have the game?
I said I  DON'T have the game.

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No, the only Jynx legitimately available in RBY is nicknamed. ... Notice that I said legitimately. You CAN get a nicknameable Jynx, but only through glitching. To do so, you'll need a Pokemon with Fly, a Pokemon with a Special stat of 72, Pokeballs (obviously), and good timing. This video explains/shows you how to do it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_mMUZgeSNQ

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You can transfer a non-traded Jynx from GSC or RSE... but that doesn't count so it doesn't matter lol
Pokemon can't transfer from RSE to RBY.
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No, it counts as a trade. And unless you managed to land the same OT, Jynx cannot be renamed. Even though the concept of ID and SID doesn't exist yet, that's still one heck of an odd.

PS: Just because the game is buggy doesn't mean there's a bug for every convenient measure :c

PPS: Jynx is a beast in RBY. You have the right idea putting it on your team.

Hope I helped!