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Hey sorry if this is in the wrong section or is just outright banned from being asked but I have my eyes set on this particular plush from a site called Pokemon center and this is the link I got it from after looking up whismicott on Google images


Can someone vouch for the legitimacy of this site if they've ordered from it or know it as official? If mods think this question is a bit off what can be asked please tell me on my wall if you delete thanks. Just nervous about giving my money to a site I don't know is ok for it


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I believe Pokemoncenter.com is the official Pokemon Center website for the US. I live in Australia and am jealous because we don't have access to an official Pokemon merchandise website, I have to import my Pokemon Center goods from Japan and it works out pretty expensive.

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I'm in NSW - Australia as well, how abouts do you do it? Though this site? I think I was gonna use the US Pokemon centre, but does it work out cheaper to go through Japan?
The US Pokemon Center only ship within the US :( I use a Japanese Ebay seller called japan-asakura https://ebay.com.au/usr/japan-asakura
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It looks pretty official to me.

This may change depending on your browser, but with most browsers, you can see that the site has a locked padlock symbol to the left of the URL. This means that any data you send to this site is encrypted, and difficult for third parties to decode. You should always look for this symbol on any site you intend to do a paid transaction on, so this is a good sign. Additionally, clicking on the lock gives you more information about it, which for this site will tell you that it has a certificate showing that it is officially owned by The Pokémon Company International.

I haven't personally purchased anything from the site in the past, but everything about it checks out. If I was interested in buying something from this site, I would be willing to trust it.