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Will a Pokemon's mega-evolution's type allow its use in an otherwise illegitimate mono-type team, as long as said Pokemon mega-evolves when it is first used in battle?

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I guess this kind of relates to my other monotype question, and it might be little early to ask this, but I wanted to remember to ask. If such rules have been defined yet, will I be able to say carry an Ampharos on a Mono-Dragon team, as long as I mega-evolve said Ampharos as soon as it is in battle? Any knowledge on this matter is appreciated, as is speculation, as long as the latter is said to be speculation. Thank you.


Do you think we can really answer this?
One of the 16000 users has to know something. But as I said I'll accept speculation as long as it is stated to be speculation and can be substantiated
I speculate that Mega Evolutions will be used in monotype teams according to their original types. Mainly for the same reason Darmanitan isn't allowed on mono-psychic teams despite the fact that it can be partly psychic when it is in it's Zen Mode. However I must also say that there might be a chance of their extra type, (in Ampharos's case Dragon) will enable them to be part of another monotype (Ampharos mono-dragon) but Only, really only if it is holding a Mega Stone.
I think only Pokemon Showdown has the capability to do this.
What is monotype?
Monotype is a metagame created by smogon in which you must use a team consisting out of 6 Pokemon that share one type. However only Pokemon from the OU tier and lower are allowed in the team

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Im going to answer with NO, you wouldnt be able to use the Mega-Ampharos in a dragon team. Heres why:

In the current OU Monotype metagame, Pokemon that have form changes that change it type arnt allowed to be placed into that type. Like previously stated Darmanintan couldnt be used in a Psychic team even though Zen Mode made it part Psychic. The same could be said about Melloeta, because when it changes forms it changes from a Normal/Psychic type to a Normal/Fighting type, yet it still cant be used in a Fighting team. Based on examples like that its safe to say that the Mega-Evolutions will be no exception to this rule. Again this is just my guess from the past examples set.

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