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In some tournaments, like OU or Ubers you can only use 1 Mega-Evolution.
Is there any tournament where I can use more than 1 Mega?

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I think I might be dreaming, but I'm not sure if VGC allows 2 megas or just one.
Fondant plz. it's physically impossible to mega evolve more than once, unless you're using a custom game in Showdown or something.
Okay then I was dreaming.

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Not exactly a tournament (or even a single battle for that), but in Multi battles, one can actually have 2 Mega Pokemon on one side of the team, as all players are allowed to choose one Mega from their teams. Now if the two players were to coorinate or something you have two Megas that are ready to open fire.

Other than that though, no there is no official way of having two Mega Pokemon on one team.

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Yes it helped a lot. Thanks!
in hackmons I fought a whole team of megas XD
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Every battle is limited to only one Mega unless it's co-op and assuming all players have Megas because otherwise it would be extremely powerful. Imagine a Mega Kangashkan and any other mega on the same team. Really, it seems only logical to have only one Mega per battle.
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Thanks demat c:
Qwerty answer has better but I yours too. +1
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