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Can someone please explain it to me clearly?


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Essentially it prevents you from having six majorly OP Pokemon on one team. If you had a team of six Mega-Evos you'd destroy everything :P

So once you mega-evolved one pokemon you can't do it to any others? Even if that mega pokemon faints. And if you switch out a mega-evolved pokemon and swich it back in, will it still be mega?
Nope. filler
I'm not sure about that, I would think that it can't Mega-evolve even though the first Mega-Evo fainted.
If you mega-evolve and then switch Pokemon during the same battle, the Pokemon will remain Mega for the duration of the battle, even when no longer in the battle itself. It'll only revert after the battle is finished. As for fainting, I'm not too sure, but I think the Pokemon will remain Mega when fainted, then revert at the end of the battle.
Thanks fondant.
Ok, thank you MrKijani and fondant (and JarJar).