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There is no limit to the number of Primal Reversions that can be performed in a battle as long as you have an eligible Pokemon holding the right item, as that happens automatically once the Pokemon shows up, without prompting you about it. The other cutscenes can only be called once per battle, and do not interfere with the counts for each other (in the case of Ultra Necrozma, in fact, you can't get the Z-move out of its crystal until at least one turn after you have completed an Ultra Burst with it), but if you've used both a Z-move and a Roto Power in the same battle, the Z-move counter will be reset and you can use another one of those.

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  • Only a little over forty Pokemon can use mega evolution
  • Only Groudon and Kyogre can undergo primal reversion
  • Ultra burst is exclusive only to Necrozma
  • You need a mega stone to mega evolve a Pokemon and thus cannot use a z move
  • The only exception is Rayquaza as it doesn't need a stone to mega evolve. However, it cannot mega evolve if holding a z crystal

However, if you have a Necrozma in its winged or lion form, Groudon and Kyogre, Rayquaza with dragon ascent or a Pokemon with its responding mega stone and a Pokemon holding a z crystal, then yes you can do all these things but not on one Pokemon

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This isn't what the question asks. It asks that you can primal revert, Ultra burst and use z-move in a single match. SadisticMystic's answer explains clearly, and this answer doesn't add anything new.
I was actually typing this when his answer was posted to be honest. I even mentioned that you can do all these things but not on one pokemon
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