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I know that this is impossible in the games, but I’m wondering if it is able to happen in the anime, for example. I’m just curious.

If you count Ash-Greninja as *probably* a Mega Evolution, then there's that.
Well as far as I know z-moves haven't been used by any mega pokemon in the anime yet and will most probably never be used either.
This will most likely never happen, as Mega Pokemon can't use Z-Moves as their mega stone keeps up their item slot, so the people who write the Pokemon anime would probably like to keep within the rules of the game as much as they can.
I don't know if it's possible in the anime but in the games as you probaly already know you can't as to both mega evolve and use a z-crystal the Pokemon needs to hold them and it can't hold more then one item at a timr so no
Okay, thanks! This information was really helpful :)

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Without the use of a cheating device to get a Pokemon that's already Mega Evolved or to teach a Pokemon a Z-Move, it is impossible to have a Mega Evolved Pokemon use a Z-Move, because either of the actions would require the item slot.
Because of the way menu priority works, a Mega Rayquaza can never use a Z-Move either, because the Z-Crystal out prioritizes the Mega Evolution, and Rayquaza won't Mega Evolve until after the move has been used.
Moves like Trick and Bestow can't help here either, because those moves will fail if a Mega Stone or Z-Crystal is attempted to be moved.
The closest to this would probably be with Ultra Burst. Other transformations like Battle Bond and Power Construct that don't require items can have their alternate forms use Z-Moves.

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Useless fact: A Pokemon that's holding a Z-crystal and transformed into a mega Pokemon still can't use Z-moves.
Okay, that makes a lot more sense.
@sumwun For real? I thought you could hack a Pokemon in its mega-evolved state and still be able to use a Z-Crystal... That's actually pretty interesting!
I don't know about hacking. I only know about using transform or impostor to get a mega Pokemon.
Ahh, during Transform. I didn't know about that either.

As for hacking, Mega Pokemon are alternate forms internally and can actually lead to some silly things like a Mega Mewtwo or Charizard evolving into the other version.
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in the anime is hard to say. its every inconsistant, but they have got better. I think it is possible for the anime, but not in game unless they change the z-move/mega choice priority (or as I suggest, z-move on bottom half, mega on top like a split button) I hope they do change it in future games. hope I help bro.