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Can A Mega-Evolution Be A Bad Thing?

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I've seen a Mega Gengar before, and it had horrible speed, so i'm wondering if it is worth it.

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what? mega gengar has better speed than gengar
ikr? makes absolutely no sense..
The only thing I don't like about Mega-Gengar is that he loses Levitate and ground moves are super effective.
The mega gengar probably had the brave nature of some other nature that lowers speed

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Most of the Megas are better than their Non-Mega forms. However there are a couple exceptions. Now the Megas mostly got a huge boost in stats, but some things were changed, and not for the better either.

Alakazam's best asset is his ability Magic Guard. His Mega form has incredibly OP stats, but a new ability, Trace. This is a notable downside to his normal form.

Abomasnow Is definitely better, but his speed dropped. This isn't actually that bad however as it makes him incredibly viable for HailRoom (Weather Hail + Trick Room)

Heracross is one of the MOST dangerous Pokemon in UU. This is due to his ability to run MoxieScarf. The other thing he has access to is Guts. This makes for an incredible powerhouse. His new ability is Skill Link, and while good, it's just not quite as good as his non-Mega abilities.

I'd keep listing some of the downsides, but essentially what I want to say is that the Megas got huge boosts, but a couple things have fallen, but not quite enough to make them worse by anyone's standards.

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Actually, Trace Alakazam is not that bad. It can, for example, trace Shadow Tag Gothitelle, and thus get Shadow Tag. Genius, no?
He never said that Trace was bad. He was just saying that regular Alakazam has Magic Guard, which is extremely good.
But, look at this in a different way. Most opponents would expect you to consider these facts before adding a mega evo in your team. Let's take the case of alakazam. It's already terrifying to face with magic guard, but it trembles against jolteon (who boasts higher speed and well above average special attack). But if you did put the mega stone on alakazam,  you mega evolve it while facing jolteon, due to the immediate speed increase and jolteons frailty and inability to outspeed alakazam anymore will definitely turn the tide in alakazam's favor (also the fact that you can mega evolve AND attack in the same turn). So use it right, and mega evolution will surely become your biggest asset.